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Velvet is as beautiful as it looks in addition to feel. The addition of contemporary furnishings to your interior décor with velvet is vital for creating a style with a hint of class and style. You can include velvet into your interior decor by incorporating velvet curtains accent pieces such as modern ottomans and contemporary Home furniture like SAN Concept's dining chairs, armchairs and sofas.


We think that what you style whether it be at office, home or waiting room or at a bar or restaurant it should reflect of who you are and what you like. This is why our contemporary Home furniture is made to be customised by you. Choose the fabric and color that you like and then get your contemporary Home furniture designed specifically for you by you. You can consider adding retro-inspired colours like browns, oranges honey yellows or deep greens, blues, or purples to your décor to bring it back to Grand millenial design. Pick a velvet color to modernize your furniture for this winter.

We collaborate with architects, designers, and developers from a variety of industries In-house production and design services are ideal for projects of any size. 

It is possible to increase the living space and enjoy relaxing in luxury with your family and friends outside.

Outdoor living is great for enjoying a casual meal in the midst of natural greenery having a cocktail hour prior to dinner, or enjoying a relaxing card game with your children.Innovative technology allows you to have outdoor furniture that is made of top-quality fabrics and materials that are able to endure the elements.

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